My painting practice hinges on disrupting painting conventions that center around the pleasure of viewing the female body. Instead, I lean into areas of discomfort to represent a more honest lived female experience. Stripping away notions of the Venus or of male fantasy, my females are caught in play, vulnerability, violence, mental instability, and sexuality. As both a painter and animator, I am influenced heavily by cinema and frequently draw parallels between the gaze of the camera and the gaze of the viewer, both of which have been historically male-dominated.

My work challenges these "easy" views of the female body. By using insinuating compositions to displace the viewer as other, I trouble the entire act of looking. The focus on gaze and power within my paintings complicate the relationship a viewer has to female subjects, frequently questioning who is in control of looking and who is being looked at.

My paintings, intensely psychological and frequently unnerving, position my own experiences as a young woman of color; they celebrate my ability as a female to experience all facets of everyday life including taboos around anxiety, intimacy, anger, depression, strangeness, and power.